Hi Everyone


Tim and I would like to say a warm thank you to you all.

We are overwhelmed with the care and kindness of everyone who has taken the time to support Louis and our family.

This gorgeous gift that you are giving him has moved us in a profound way.

From the warmth, energy and enormous heart of Kate and Warren. Who, after a year of watching Tim and I crumble with the reality of Louis’ rapidly deteriorating vision, decided to take action for us because they knew we were struggling.

 This trip, which is a dream for Louis, would never have happened without you.

The support, space and time that it has given Tim and I,has been a lifeline.

We feel invigorated and ready to take this new chapter on.

This is so different to how we felt two weeks ago. Having you all behind us is helping us let go of our enormous fear. It has been a lesson for us in humility and hope. We are sincere when we say you have all changed our world. We are humbled.

The only advice that we have been given regarding early vision loss has been to travel widely, focusing on height, colour and textures to develop the boy’s visual memory.  Giving them these adventures and experiences helps keep them engaged and connected in their relationships and with the world around them.

The issue we have is the speed of the sight loss and Louis’young age. What do you do first?  How do you afford it? How do you saturate him in this world of beauty and colour? You are answering our questions. To have you all come together to enrich him with the gift at the top of his wish list, for our family, is priceless and will never be forgotten.

We know how much Louis will gain from this trip. The pure joy and excitement of being near the Celtics in the basketball stadium will sustain him for a lifetime.

At this point he may be the happiest 12 year old in the world.

But we think it is more than that.

Louis is learning about the powerof kindness and generosity.

That he is not alone, because he is deeply loved and will always be supported.

That he can be fearless and an inspiration.

That the world is good.

That you can do without your vision, but not without an enormous heart.


In a nutshell, you are helping us form him into a young man of who we can all be proud of.

Anything he achieves in the future will be a result of your kindness today.


We know it.

We are so grateful for it.

There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to repay it to you, if and when we can.


To Kate and Warren

To our darling friends and family

To our school and community

To you, thestrangers with enormous kind hearts


Love and thanks always


Catherine and Tim Corbett